Monthly Archive: May, 2012

Conquest of Steel- Hammer & Fist (2007)

A bit less barroom-style rocking, and much more epically adventurous than their debut, Conquest of Steel’s sophomore release Hammer & Fist continues to excite metal fans with calls to battle for the heart… Continue reading

MyoFist- Hot Spikes (1980)

MyoFist’s sophomore album Hot Spikes may not be as strong as their debut, but it does remain one of the most unique and bizarre albums in the history of hard rock music.  This… Continue reading

Paul Di’Anno’s Battlezone- Fighting Back (1986)

Paul Di’Anno will forever remain a heavy metal icon for fronting Iron Maiden through their first two albums.  While he has had a prolific career since Iron Maiden, his projects have been relegated… Continue reading

Andi Deris- Come in From the Rain (1997)

Andi Deris is best known as one of the singers from the legendary German power metal band Helloween, but less metal fans are aware of his time as a solo artist during the… Continue reading

Heavy Pettin’- Rock Ain’t Dead (1985)

Heavy Pettin’ followed Lettin’ Loose with Rock Ain’t Dead in 1985, and it stands as significantly stronger than their debut.  The production is much better, the songwriting is more thought-out and everything just… Continue reading

Clientelle- Destination Unknown (1981)

Hard rock and heavy metal music was born in the late 1960s from three distinct genres that blended together to create something the world had never heard before.  According to most rock historians,… Continue reading

Conquest of Steel- Conquest of Steel (2004)

Conquest of Steel are the sort of band who wear their metal credentials on their sleeves, quite literally through about a few dozen patches on their jean jackets, but also through their lyrics. … Continue reading

Chevy- The Taker (1980)

Exactly where do the roots of southern metal trace themselves back to?  Most people think of it as a phenomenon that really took off in the 1990s, but in a way it’s sort… Continue reading

Heavy Pettin’- Lettin’ Loose (1983)

Heavy Pettin’ were a Scottish glam metal band from Glasgow who struggled to gain recognition during the 1980s.  Of course, there were a lot of things working against them, one of them being… Continue reading

Interview with Patrick Moran (The Bohemian Groove, Lite Mayo Band)

Patrick Moran has been making a name for himself in the Worcester, Massachusetts rock scene and surrounding areas these past years.  Known primarily for playing local gigs at venues like the Raven Music… Continue reading